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The 152nd Issue of Con Nachzehrer has been released. On the production side, this one was tricky, though it didn't have to be. The first challenge was that this issue introduces a new set. It was an easy set, but I always have trouble with the lighting. I decided I was ok with the lighting when I tested it and so proceeded to make the comic. Looking at the finished panels, I changed my mind and set about deleting some lights. After that I re-rendered the thing. Once I pulled up the panels in GIMP to letter them, I realized that I didn't set Blender to render an alpha channel. This was needed for the sky background. So, I had to render the panels again. After lettering two of the newly rendered panels in Blender, I realized that I didn't save the Blender file in which I deleted the lights, so the lighting was off again. I saved the panels with the altered lights separately, so I was able to use the new panels as a reference to delete the areas of black that should have been transparent.(I couldn't do this with the raw panels because it would have caught the lines of some of the characters.) Then I re-rendered the first two panels with transparency again. After that everything went smoothly. This is the first time in a long time I've had to re-render a comic so many times. From a writing perspective, this comic contains probably my favorite joke in this entire story arc. I also originally intended this Cop to just be a bit character for Story One that never returns, but each Story thus far has needed a cop, and I just find this character too amusing. I always reuse characters when possible due to laziness. Stay tuned, more to come.

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