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The ninety fifth issue of Con Nachzehrer has been released. This week's issue sees the return of the title character. This is one of my favorite bits in this arc, mostly because it doesn't have any sex jokes. Also, when I wrote the script for this one, I wasn't sure at first I was going to reuse the store from an earlier issue. I just wrote it as a store. I often do this in my stories. I will plan for a character or place and realize it fits some setting or character I've created before. The sixth issue of Ostraka has also been released. As for this week's Vociferation, it is about abortion. I think this is the first comic I've ever done dealing with abortion. I was inspired to write about this topic because it seems like Republicans have just about overturned Roe V. Wade. Every other time I have talked about abortion on this website, it has been in a juvenile manner. I regret that. In many ways I regret the obnoxious, insane persona I tried to craft when I was eighteen. I've come around to thinking that abortion should not be trivialized in such a way. I think it is an important right for women to have. Stay tuned, more to come.

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