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The 117th issue of Con Nachzehrer has been released. This issue was produced concurrently with Issues 118 and 119. This is due to Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that I no longer work with food, there is still an unease I feel towards the holiday. I am still involved with Black Friday stuff. I should not have to work so many days in a row, but it may be stressful. Not to mention the fact that in two weeks time I will be spending some time with family members. I have therefore done a multiple comic week to avoid extra hassle. I did not however, produce an extra Vociferation. Tonight's issue of Con shows Con's brother Ran for the first time. Ran is my one of my favorites in Con Nachzehrer. When I was a kid I called him Ron. Ran is kind of a proto Rick. He is a homeless vagabond with hidden wisdom and has trickster traits. I seem to dig that character archetype. The primary difference between Rick and Ran is that Ran is a believer in, not a perpetrator of conspiracy theories. Ran was, when I first made him as a child, not very political. It seems like things have come full circle because there are some parts of Ran's story and character that take inspiration from Rick. I really miss being able to write Rick, but I feel it would be unfair to write him without Dustin's involvement. I have also tweaked Ran's backstory somewhat. When I was a kid I had Ran become insane after some trauma. The idea now is that Ran already had some mental problems which we exacerbated by trauma. I won't get into all that for this current story arc, but hopefully I will get to it eventually. Page two of Issue 22 has also been released tonight, along with a new Vociferation. Stay tuned, more to come.

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