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The thirty third issue of Con Nachzehrer has been released. This issue brings us back to Kolman and his friends. In production notes, this issue marks another unfortunate issue where the comic's growing pains are visible. In the first panel, the shading on Thormond and Corbin is terrible. I had to adjust it. The settings I had been using were working alright, but for Thormond, they failed. Thormond tends to be a good indicator of whether or not I have turned up to the saturation too high. Being completely white, he shows the maximum end of how high the saturation can go. The comic is a little bit darker, but I like the shading. Another fun tidbit is that all of the students in detention other than Kolman, Thormond, and Corbin are the members of Geek Force. They have slight variations on their appearances and some color changes because they are not meant to actually be the same characters. It's just an easter egg with a dash of laziness. I guess just in time for Good Friday. Speaking of Geek Force and growing pains, my new production method is coming along and shows promise. Still, it looks like Geek Force is going to be delayed from its planned release date. This would be part of the reason why I only mention it vaguely. The problem with Geek Force is that while Con needs four panels a week, Geek Force needs in excess of fifty. Stay tuned, more to come. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

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Apanea: Another local band whom Xenpsychous knows, they play death metal.

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