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The fifty fifth issue of Con Nachzehrer has been released. This issue was produced with issues 53 and 54 because of my vacation last week. I usually make the comic on the weekend before the release date in case there are any problems or delays with the comic. Last weekend I was still on vacation. In productions notes, this is a comic I am proud of, perhaps excessively so. What gives me pride is the image of Con on Marshall's phone in panel three. I am proud of it because this is the kind of panel that for most of the site's history, we would have scrapped or done half assed. For our first comic, I was doing the art and doing a terrible job. I would write a comic like that and then change it as I was drawing the panel for being too hard. With Rick, it was just sort of a laziness thing. I was not doing the art for Rick, but Dustin had a life and so could not always dedicate the time to do tricky panels. Part of the reason I quit Rick is because I did not find it challenging enough. Now that the art is done in DAZ it is of a quality I can at least be pleased with. I don't have to scrap panels because I don't have the artistic ability to create it. I feel like if my comics fail now, they can fail on their merits rather than because I copped out on the art. I can be happy with the site whether it stays small or gets more successful because I know now I am making comics to the best of my ability. Stay tuned, more to come.

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Dustin Carter: An alumni of Geek Force, and the artist for Geek Force's second webcomic, Rick, the Cryptozoologist, Dustin Carter is currently working on his youtube series, Low Budget Man.

Sam and Matt: The stars of the S&M Show Podcast. Sam is also Mad Sampson. Matt also has a side project: Prime on Demand

White Atlantic: A local band whom Xenpsychous befriended. They're just generally a great rock and roll band.

Apanea: Another local band whom Xenpsychous knows, they play death metal.

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