April 24th: You know how sometimes you have days where it's hard to get out of bed? Yeah, well, I've just had about 365 of those days in a row. Wait...is it a leap year? Make that 366. Today was a special day, not only was it hard for me to get out of bed, but I didn't, not for four hours past when my alarm should have gone off. I think that the damn thing is broken. That's just one more expense. Speaking of which, of the price of food goes up any more I'm going to have to start eating squirrels. I saw the mailman drive by as I went to get my afternoon soda, so I went outside. Then I was accosted by one of my neighbors for twenty minutes about how my lawn is overgrown, and is now in fact home to woodland creatures. I told her that this only meant that I could get my lawn protected by law as a wildlife preserve and then I could get her to shut the hell up. That little comment of mine is what turned a three minute complaint into a twenty minute lecture. After my neighbor had finished, I went back into my house and got to work on a case I had started the night before. I was hunting down a super villain who was wanted for two counts of murder, five counts of armed robbery, and urinating in public. After scanning my files over the villain for an hour and a half I came across his last known address. It was about three and a half miles away, so I decided to walk. When I arrived I found out that the villain's last known address was a prison. He had been caught five years ago. Faced with the stupidity of my trying to solve a crime that had been solved five years ago, all I could do was laugh. I don't know why, but I decided to go in and visit the man I wanted to catch. Maybe it was just that I didn't want to walk that far for nothing. During my conversation with the man, I noted that it didn't seem like he was all there. I considered fucking with his head, maybe telling him that I saw UFOs over the prison, or telling him that the warden was actually the great gnome lord, or some other conspiracy. I ended up not doing that. I tried to think of a conspiracy theory, but at the time, for some reason, I could not. I thought about my plans to start a superhero team during my walk home from the prison. Seeing as I can't get a job anywhere else, I'm thinking about being a superhero for profit. I pondered that for about two thirds of the way home and then went on to pondering the big gaming tournament I'm going to host next week. I guess having eight people isn't really big...but it works.