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Geek Force Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to enable you to know what information about you is collected when you visit this site so that you can better protect your privacy and rest assured knowing that we are dedicated, and all third parties involved in advertising are dedicated, to protecting your privacy.

Geek Force collects information about your City, State, Country, Web Broswer, OS, and other information about your computer. This information is used solely to track how well our online media does, to design the site based upon what browsers use it most, and in order to see what demigraphics our online media does the best with. We do not share any information with third parties, all Website analytics are for internal use only.

Any time you visit the Geek Force online store, your private data may be collected by a third party, They may collect personal data about you when you make a purchase. You may find their priacy policy here

The Google ads on our site collect data using Google's doubleclick cookie. This cookie is used to prevent a user from seeing the same ad too many times, to guard against spam, to serve ads based on visits to this site and other sites, to let third party advertisers and Geek Force know how well the ads are doing, to help Google improve their ad services, to ensure the service works properly, and to develop new services. Google does not use this cookie to collect personally-identifying information without your consent. You can choose to opt out of recieving the doubleclick cookie at any time. For more information about doing so, Click here.To see Google's privacy policy Click here. Third Party venders using Google Adsense may also use their own cookies to track the progress of ads. Google requires all advertisers to comply with all privacy laws. Click here to see a list of third party venders certified by Google to serve third party ads and thus collect personal information and to get information on how to opt out of them collecting that information.