About the artists:

Xenpsychous: Xenpsychous is the creator of this website. He writes all of the comics and does all of the art for Con Nachzehrer using DAZ Studio. Being a poor artist as demonstrated in his first comic, Geek Force, Xenpsychous uses models that he purchases in DAZ Studio in order to make the illustrations for Con Nachzehrer. Xenpsychous also does many of the backgrounds on Rick, the Cryptozoologist and a large chunk of issues were made by him in DAZ Studio entirely. Xenpsychous writes the code for this site by hand using Bluefish. For the latest redesign, he also used w3.css to make the site more mobile friendly. He also uses DAZ Studio, Blender, and GIMP to make comics. He uses Inkscape and GIMP to create the graphics on this website. Xenpsychous is 28 years old, residing in Springfield, MO.

Dustin Carter Dustin has worked on projects for this website on and off since 2009. He was the artist for the entire first run of Rick, the Cryptozoologist. He has recently begun providing art for the second run of Rick, the Cryptozoologist. Dustin also has his own Youtube series: Low Budget Man. Dustin is 27 years old and lives in Springfield, MO.


Stephen the Grand: Stephen the Grand worked on graphics for this site and did artwork for Geek Force the Webcomic and briefly worked on artwork for Rick, the Cryptozoologist. Stephen also worked on the reboot of Geek Force, the Webcomic, which unfortunately never got made. Stephen was also someone whom Xenpsychous could bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.

Greg: Greg worked on the failed Geek Force the Webcomic reboot. He is a close friend of Xenpsychous and gave him input and advice during the website's early days.

Landon: Landon was the original inspiration for Virus and worked with Xenpsychous on the earliest Geek Force scripts, which, while never being released, helped Xenpsychous practice. Landon also listens to Xenpsychous's insane ranting bullshit and story ideas.

Sam: Sam is one Xenpsychous's brothers. He and Xenpsychous both used to come up with stories for a character they invented called Con Dracula which eventually became the inspiration for Con Nachzehrer.

This website uses the following fonts:

Black Channcery: is by Doug Miles

Radiostars: is by Ray Larabie

Unifont: is by Riman Czyborra

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