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Issues 593 and 594 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 379 of Con Nachzehrer have all been released. Issue 594 is the last issue of the 565 arc, and so next week Rick will return to a once weekly release schedule. I am honestly happy to have this story line behind me. First I lost all my 3D assets, then I did all those extra comics, I had to redo the code for the archive pages, then I did this arc and the Grand Special. It has been a long few months for the site. From here on out it will be a free for all. Any of the 3 universes can appear as the setting for a comic on any given week. I suspect one will become my favorite, but that is not my plan. I do have a story line planned out for Universe 218. My original plan was to discard Universes 491 and 565 once this story line wrapped up, but I did not originally think that this story line would be over 100 issues either. I like Johanna because she is transgendered, I also like the Beast of Bodmin, and I think Damon is a good villain. For those reasons, I have decided to keep using the different universes. It gives me a bigger sandbox to play with. Also, I feel like a bit of tool for putting out a comic that tells people to get vaccinated. I originally also included a part of this comic that urged Biden to support issuing a patent waiver on the vaccine, but he went and did it before I was able to put this comic out. I am glad that he did, but man, Biden is proving hard for me to criticize and I have always taken pride in criticizing whoever is in power. I am fully vaccinated myself(it was easy for me, since I work at a retail establishment with a pharmacy.), and I hope everyone else gets vaccinated too so that we can all return to normal soon. Stay tuned, more to come.

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