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Issue 727 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 487 of Con Nachzehrer have both been released. This issue of Con was based on an incident from my teens when a friend of mine was going through a breakup because his girlfriend cheated on him and I asked him if he would feel better if I told him his girlfriend got AIDS from the person she left him for. He told me it would not. The current storyline of Con is inspired by a heartbreak of sorts I have been going through lately. Life has been a little tough for me recently and I have not felt as engaged on my Webcomics. I personally think this past years worth of comics do not represent my best work. I lost the passion for this, but I think I am starting to regain it and hopefully I can put out some awesome work over the next year of the site. I have not been reading the news as much as all of this has been happening, so I do not feel I have been as on the ball as I should be with Rick. This weeks issue of Rick is about the backlash from the right against the LBGTQ community. I do not think it is my best work, but I have a better comic I have written which I intend to drop later in June which is better. Stay tuned, more to come.

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